Investigate Jessica Easterly Durning’s Death – Mayor: Urge NOPD to Invite LSP to Help

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About Undetermined

In a coroner’s report, the word undetermined is used to describe the cause or manner of death when there’s insufficient evidence to lend a more specific classification. In 2019, Jessica Easterly Durning went missing from her New Orleans home; her body was found days later, just two and a half blocks away. Her death was classified as undetermined, but due to evidence of foul play, her friends and family believe someone played a role in her suspicious disappearance.

Investigative journalist Jessica Noll and former Detective Todd McComas dig deep into this unsolved case and search for answers to Jessica’s untimely death. From the team that brought you ‘To Live and Die in LA’ and ‘Culpable’, this is ‘Undetermined’.

The Hosts

Jessica Noll [ Host ]

Jessica is an award-winning investigative journalist who’s fueled by empathy, a pursuit for the truth, and giving a voice to the voiceless. In 2018, she shifted her focus to audio storytelling, concentrating on true crime.

Todd McComas [ Investigator ]

Todd is a retired police detective and touring standup comedian. In 2017, he left a career in law enforcement to work as a radio and podcast personality for Barstool Sports and The Pat McAfee Show.

The Producers

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Then in 2019, Resonate partnered with Tenderfoot to create Resonate’s first original podcast, Culpable. The relationship with Resonate and Tenderfoot has continued to flourish as the two brands have worked closely on multiple other projects including the Audible Original podcast When A Good Man Kills, and Undetermined.

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With a blueprint for narrative audio storytelling, Tenderfoot has created over a dozen chart topping and award winning podcasts, from documentary investigative series, like 2019’s AP Podcast of the Year, “To Live and Die in LA,” to fictional series like HBO’s “We Stay Looking”. With over 700 million downloads to date Tenderfoot TV is setting the bar as a business and creative leader in one of the fastest growing industries.

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